Save 30%

OK, we all want to save money. What would your business do with a 30% reduction in IT or software costs, year after year? More marketing? Employ more value creators? Invest in new equipment or nicer premises? Better employee benefits & training? With IT costs running at up to 10% of turnover, sometimes more, a 30% reduction in IT costs could simply put an extra 3% of turnover on to the bottom line. Fantasy? We know otherwise - we've done it and more.

The Open Source Advantage

We all know IT is expensive, but have you analysed where your IT budget goes? For most businesses c. 70% of IT costs are Support and Maintenance. That's license fees, maintenance contracts, upgrades etc. and the associated labour for keeping your existing IT running before you spend a penny supporting your staff or improving the business. Imagine if you could cut that in half - a 35% saving on your IT budget by magic. Now does Open Source make sense? Either no license fees or much lower license fees, no 25% of license fee per annum support contracts, and better, more reliable systems. Running Open Source saves lots of money, that's why Google, Amazon, Goldman Sachs and millions of other companies, as well as governments and third sector organisations, have embraced it. Open source is not always the right solution, sometimes proprietary is the best option, but it makes sense to think about the options before opening the cheque book.

Our focus on open source is not some idealistic alternative fad, it's simply good commercial sense. We can satisfy you more cheaply than our competitors by helping you to use open source - so why wouldn't we? If you want to save money on IT then give us a call.

Bespoke At Off The Peg Prices

Sometimes the software available is not what you need, especially if your business is different; that's where Bespoke comes in to play. Many software development companies write bespoke software, and many of their customers will tell you that it was expensive, a slow process and not wholly satisfactory. Most software development is done on an up-front specification, quote and contract. The quote includes both the developer's profit and their risk margin, the software is developed exactly to the specification, and if the specification isn't quite right then nor is the software that you receive months later. We do it differently, we use an Agile methodology, which means that you receive your software bit by bit, typically every couple of weeks, inspect it and tell us what needs changing or what to develop next. When you have all the functionality you want you tell us to stop. Typically Agile development saves around 30% of the cost of software, because it makes less work. We also use modern Internet-derived technologies for development, which are generally much more productive than traditional software development tools - which again saves work. The combination of using Agile methods and Internet technologies means that we can often halve the effort of developing software when compared with traditional methods.

If your business needs bespoke software then please call to find out whether our methods will suit you.

Bragh Is Different

Our approach of using Open Source and Internet technologies to reduce IT costs is not new or clever, it's tried and tested by an increasing number of corporate in-house IT teams since the mid 1990's. At first it was only the most adventurous and technologically self-sufficient organisations who dipped their toes into the water, but over the past couple of decades these technologies have become mainstream.  What's different about Bragh is that we offer you these advantages as an IT supplier - our business model is to give you more for less and leave you free to walk away to another supplier if you don't like us. Like the Open Source model of software "for free", we offer a total inversion of the "lock you in and milk you dry" strategy employed by most IT suppliers.