Django produces beautiful forms

Software Development

We develop software using the same tools and technologies that are used to power the biggest sites on the Internet - Python & Django, PHP & Zend, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc. We take this approach because it allows us to build software that scales to support thousands of users and millions of transactions easily and inexpensively. 

Because we use Internet technologies our software is easy and cheap to deploy, whether in-house or in the cloud. Most of our systems do not require any license fees beyond what you pay us for development and support of our software - the platform, databases etc. are usually royalty free open source unless you specify that we need to use a proprietary technology , such as Microsoft SQL Server, for your own reasons.

Our software is also generally incredibly easy to roll-out. No client-side installation is required because we design our software to be used in a web browser. This makes it very easy to scale up the number of users, minimises the maintenance and support burden in your in-house IT team (if you have one), and means that our software can easily be used multi-site, or on mobile devices, or by your customers or suppliers without support headaches.

We can deploy and support our software anywhere in the world that has a reliable Internet connection.

Internet of Things

In addition to regular business software we develop solutions for the "Internet of Things". We have been developing Internet of Things technology for over 15 years. We are able to develop embedded hardware, telematics and remote Machine 2 Machine communications solutions for both static and mobile devices, especially for remote asset monitoring and control, and remote data collection.

Alfresco is probably the best document management system available

Systems Support

Open Source: We install, configure and support open source software packages / systems, including file and print services such as SAMBA, email and collaboration such as MDaemon and Zimbra, databases including PostgreSQL and MySQL, enterprise software such as Odoo and SuiteCRM, and content management systems such as Joomla! and Drupal. We can provide support for most popular open source packages.

Database Administration: We provide Data Base Administrator (DBA) services for many databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ingres, Firebird, C-Isam, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. We have in-depth understanding of relational database technologies and can install, configure, support and performance tune most database systems.

*nix: We provide System Administrator (SA) services for all most varieties of Linux and Unix. We install, configure and maintain *nix servers, keeping them secure, up to date, tuned and available, whether they are hosted on your premises or in a data centre or in the cloud. We operate automated monitoring to help us pro-actively detect performance issues.

Cloud: Using the above skills we set up and administer cloud-based systems and virtual data centres on platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and other common cloud hosts.

Complete IT 

We are able to construct and support all the IT required for an organisation using open source  technologies - if you consider the cost of commercial systems to be excessive we can build and maintain your entire IT capability using royalty-free software.