About Us


We specialise in leveraging the low-cost, high-reliability technologies developed for the Internet to build high performance business systems. We offer fair and transparent pricing, extensive experience, and a devotion to customer satisfaction. We understand that investing in IT systems is often an act of faith, and often disappointing, and we are committed to ensuring that our customers faith in us is rewarded.


Pricing IT services is often complex and can be opaque - different charge rates for Consultants, Project Managers, Systems Architects, Business Analysts, Senior Developers, Junior Developers and all manner of other specialists. We take a Blended Rate approach - all our services, however costly, are wrapped up in one fixed hourly rate. This reduces risk and complexity for our customers and reduces administration for us.

Customer Satisfaction

We are available 24x365. No, not really, but we're generally available when we're not asleep. We understand that your business depends on your IT systems; If your system is misbehaving it's our problem and we will fix it as soon as we reasonably can, even if that's 10pm on a Sunday. Our commitment to you is that we will treat your business as if it is our business, and behave accordingly. We want you to be satisfied and to contribute to your success, it's the only way we can be sure you'll keep paying us.

Software Development

Bespoke software development usually comes in one of two forms - Waterfall and Agile. Waterfall is where the software functionality is specified up front in great detail, a fixed price is quoted, and the developers then disappear and return months later with a finished package which may or may not match your expectations. Agile is a process where there is no fixed quote - the developers talk with you, develop a little bit, show it to you, develop the next bit, show it to you, and repeat until the software does what you want.

We strongly prefer Agile. In our experience our customers are better satisfied with the product they get from Agile, at lower cost than Waterfall. We will do Waterfall if you insist, but we prefer the closer and more productive working relationship that we and our customers get from Agile.

Systems Support

We use Internet technologies to help reduce support costs - the more reliable systems are the cheaper they are to run - but no systems are perfect. 

Accepting that all computer systems will tend to failure if not properly serviced and maintained, where possible we supervise all systems in our care with remote monitoring software that warns us if your system starts behaving outside our expectations - too many processes, disks too full, high memory usage, slow database response, excessive queues etc. This state of the art monitoring software alerts us real-time by email and SMS so that we know what's happening.

Being alerted in real-time we are usually aware of potential issues before you, and can fix them before you are aware that a problem is developing.